Five Habits to Make You More Efficient Today

March 1st, 2017 Posted by Smart business tips No Comment yet

From time to time, we find ourselves on a virtual treadmill of progress.  As we may appear to be traveling 20 miles an hour, we continue to find ourselves in the same place.  There are several ways to improve your efficiency, leaving more time for what’s important.

  1. WRITE A REALISTIC DAILY TASK LIST:  Drivers typically have their daily travel route mapped out in advance of any departure.  A task list is a great way to accomplish this very important first step to being productive.  Write a list of three things that you absolutely need to accomplish today, and the steps you must take today to meet these goals.  Keep the task list realistic.  Stay away from including items on your task list that take several days to accomplish.  The task list is simply the “parts” to the whole goal.  If you meet a few of your tasks today, you will meet the ultimate goal in no time at all.
  1. MAKE TIME FOR DISTRACTIONS: Distractions are just as the word suggests…. unscheduled and unannounced situations that typically prevent us from doing the task at hand.  If something comes up that takes you away from what you must accomplish today, don’t be afraid to delegate to another qualified associate or employee, making way for you to focus on what is most important.
  1. COMMUNICATE VERY CLEARLY:  Whether it’s giving instructions or pitching a potential customer, one of the best ways to ensure that you will have to “redo” what you have already done is to fail to communicate clearly.  Make it a habit of writing down and rehearsing what you wish to communicate.  The more accurate and consistent your communication is, the less you will be forced to have to repeat it.  Let people know exactly what to expect and you’ll take less time out of your busy schedule to readdress issues.
  1. KEEP YOUR EMOTIONS IN CHECK: No matter what you do for a living, one of the best ways to avoid distractions and breaks in efficient productivity is to be overly emotional.  Things come up every day that will surely make your blood boil.  Likewise, you may be having a slow sales week which will inevitably deplete your spirits if you let it.  No matter what action comes your way, if you practice strong coping mechanisms like taking a deep breath before you react, you will spend more time being productive and less time working your emotions back to a manageable level.  Having a moderate disposition when adversity strikes will go a long way in maintaining your level of efficiency.
  1. TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF:  Often, we sit down to the start of a workday without having taken care of our most basic needs.  Exercise of any kind is pivotal to physical health, which lends to efficiency in work.  In addition, taking the time to eat lunch at the same time (if possible) goes a long way in staying efficient.  Working these important personal items into your daily routine will make you much more productive, because the body feeds the mind.

None of these habits require major life adjustments.  These simple steps are just a few habits to work into your schedule today to make you a happier, and more efficient person.

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