Spring Cleaning Your Business

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The first day of Spring has officially happened and even though a chunk of the country is still experiencing snow, that means one thing; spring cleaning! Most people think it’s just for cleaning their homes, but business owners should be thinking about doing some business clean up too!

Spring cleaning is more than just physical clean up. It’s about reviewing routine processes that have become habitual so you can see if there is room for improvement. For most modern businesses, here are three areas in which you can look at to spring clean your business.

hands on keyboard 393312226.jpgWebsite & Social Media
Open all your social media sites where you have an account and your website. Take a look around and take stock of what your online presence looks like. Is your branding up to date and being represented as effectively as possible? Do you need to update your copy? Take the time to fix all your little details. Check things like your address, correct services are listed, your logo is sized properly, cross check your links and that you have a consistent graphic scheme. These small things don’t take a ton of time to unify but they make a big impact on your audience.

Part of your spring cleaning should also be an evaluation of the operation of the business. Ask your employees what’s working and what isn’t working. You see your business from the owner’s chair, you may not know the pain points of your employees. Make sure that you are ready to hear this critique before jumping in and let your staff know that you are welcoming the information.

Part of your daily operations are your expenses like supplies, services and utilities. Take a few minutes to review what you are spending and see if there are any opportunities to get better pricing.

Once you know where you want to improve your operations, make a business plan. You don’t have to change everything overnight! Set a timeline of goals for the business to have new processes in place.

Customer Relations
Much like you just asked your employees for a review, ask your customers! Ask your customers to take a customer satisfaction survey. If they don’t like something, they are more likely to just find a new place to shop rather than let you know. So find out how you’re doing and see where you might strengthen operations. This is also a great time to reward your customers for taking the time out of their day for providing feedback. Offer them a special coupon or promo and when they use it, make sure to thank them again so they know you are genuine.

Spring cleaning isn’t always about the physical cleaning that you can do. It’s the opportunity to dust off old habits and tune into how your business can be better.


Written by Stacy Werner, Bartercard Buffalo.

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