Top photography tips and tricks to make your brand stand out

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Photographs are key to standing out in a digital world – whether on social media, a company website or in a marketing campaign. Did you know there are 60 million new photos uploaded to Instagram daily?

This week we list the top photography tips and tricks from Instagram superstars to give your brand cut-through – whether you’re snapping on a digital SLR or your smart phone.


Compose your shot so it’s more appealing to the eye – using the rule of thirds creates a photo which is balanced and flows well.

The rule of thirds breaks an image down into a grid of nine squares, creating ‘thirds’ both horizontally and vertically with four intersecting points in the middle. If you place the points of interest (i.e. the subject) in the intersections or along the grid lines, the image is seen in a more natural way instead of working against it. Click here for a more in-depth explanation of the rule of thirds.

Take multiple shots

Not every shot is going to work – taking a mix of photographs – 20 to 30 frames per subject from different angles and compositions will let you choose the best frame to convey your subject and reflect your brand.

Pick your backdrop carefully

Put thought into the setting and style to reflect your target market and what they would relate to the most. Check the background flows with the subject you are shooting. Consider sourcing a stylist who can advise you and take care of the finer details.

Keep a consistent look across your social platforms

Pick a common stylistic element, like color, angles or shapes in the images you post, and stick to it. Repeat this stylistic element over and over to create consistency and a signature look. Search any popular brand on Instagram and you will see each post has a consistent look and feel across its social media platforms to create identity, flow and congruence.

Edit and enhance your images before uploading them

A polished shot will make your brand look sharper in a sea images, especially on social media. If Photoshop is beyond your level of expertise, iPhoto offers basic editing and enhancement tools like cropping and saturation, and apps like Gramblr and BlueStacks let you upload to your Instagram account from your desktop. Snapseed is also a free, full feature editor to check out.

Did you know Instagram can also be used as a photo editor? Just put your phone on flight mode and edit them and publish them in Instagram. An error will come up, but the edited images will land in your gallery from where you can post them once off flight mode. Keep your photo editing consistent across the board to create a unified look.

Source a professional

Sourcing a professional photographer for a big shoot like a new venue, product range or anything used to drum up more business in the future, is invaluable. You can source photographers on Bartercard without the expensive cash cost – visit the Members Directory in MYBC.

Find the best time to post everyday

In 2015, Instagram switched to interaction-based curation meaning posts with the most likes, shares and comments appear closer to the top of users’ feeds. Find the best time to post to your target market, depending on what their schedules and habits are, to get the most engagement. Around 9pm works best for some business owners others find getting in first thing in the morning maximizes interaction.


Adapted from an article written by Klara Vida, Bartercard Australia.

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