Your business is now a select member of Bartercard, the world’s largest and most active retail trade exchange.


A world of trading opportunities begins today. Your Bartercard membership unlocks the power of Bartercard and all that goes with its far-reaching platform. You will be able to this number to buy and sell goods and services with Bartercard. Your Trade Broker will bring your actual Bartercard membership card when you next connect. In order to encourage you to start trading right away, your card number outlined below is already active and ready to be used.

Woman holding blank business card in hand. Isolated on white.
The power of Bartercard goes well beyond the membership cards you are about to receive.


As a Bartercard member, you now have access to the world’s best trade-facilitating technology including MYBC, Bartercard’s secure member website. It offers a flexible way of trading that is more convenient than ever. Be sure to register on MYBC, using your card details after clicking the button below.

Within MYBC, you will discover the international Bartercard member directory as well as Shopping, Tourism, Real Estate, Account Management and Trade Planning features. Those tools will help your company to develop an effective and ongoing trading plan that grows your business while conserving your cash.

The ability to barter locally, regionally, nationally and internationally now also rests in the palm of your hand.


Our mobile application allows you to trade instantly within our exchange with a few taps on your mobile device. Find Bartercard businesses around you, pay an invoice, process a sale and view your available balance. These are just a few of the features that this mobile app offers. This is just one of the great tools available to you as a free download to make incorporating Bartercard into your business easy.

No matter how you do business, Bartercard has it covered.

Download the app today by clicking on your app store logo.

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