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Why you should always stay on brand

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Branding is essential because it is how you are presented and perceived in the marketplace.  In a nutshell branding is the quickest way for your business to convey what it is, and what it offers.  This is why communicating your brand consistently is conveying the best service to the market.  Conversely, communicating your brand inconsistently implies uncertainty and will compromise the hard work you have poured into building it.

Your logo is at the core of your brand.  Your website, packaging and promotional materials should all incorporate your logo to communicate your brand to the marketplace.  Think of some of the most successful brands in the world, and you will find their logo is always consistently presented.  This is especially important for brands in the airline and automotive industries that are built on safety and trust, and for technology brands built on precision and reliability – using their logo inconsistently wouldn’t be conducive to the care they promise, and would have disastrous effects on their brand.

Branding Tips
Three tips for using your brand responsibly:

  1. Always use the right logo.
    If you have refreshed your logo and branding recently, complete a brand ‘stocktake’ and discard anything with the old logo including templates, clothing and accessories.
  2. Never alter or change your logo.
    While it’s not uncommon to change or appropriate logos in special instances or to run special campaigns, in every other instance a logo is set in stone.
  3. Always ensure you are conveying the right brand in your communication.
    Everything you put out to the marketplace should include the right logo, design, fonts and colors which constitute your brand. Your brand also encompasses the wording, look and style of communication you use.Whether your brand is playful, dark, eccentric, or off-beat, it should resonate with the market you want to reach, so ensure you establish your style early on to keep communication consistent.

According to, the average person is exposed to approximately 3,500 marketing messages each day. You are already competing against an ocean of messages, so make sure your target market is getting the right one!

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