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How to Revive Your Business with Bartercard

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There’s always room for improvement, and smart business owners embrace this value by constantly examining how to improve profitability.  For most business owners, simple adjustments can be the difference between success and failure.  For business owners looking for ways to revive their profitability, Bartercard has solutions.

  1. YOU’VE GOT SPARE CAPACITY…..WE’VE GOT CUSTOMERS FOR YOU.  Perhaps you own a restaurant with a booming dinner crowd, but a slow lunch clientele.  Bartercard will market your establishment among its business members, bringing in new customers who will pay you in trade dollars.  Think of it as money in your “trade bank”.  These customers will not take away from your cash paying customers because they are dining at a time when you otherwise would be looking at empty tables.  The amount of trade dollars generated from these customers can then be used to pay for expenses that you otherwise would have spent cash on.
    Regardless of what services or products you are providing, if you are providing quality, Bartercard customers will patron your business. If a Bartercard member has a great lunch using trade dollars, the potential of him referring others to your business is greater. Every time a Bartercard member does business with you on trade, it is an opportunity to gain additional cash referral business.
  3. TURN YOUR UNCOLLECTED DEBTS INTO DOLLARS: Perhaps you are an attorney or accountant who has a list of former business clients with outstanding balances. By encouraging these businesses to join the Bartercard network, you can settle their debts that otherwise would stay in an uncollected status. With Bartercard, you can revive your long-standing accounts receivables and get them off your books once and for all.
  4. LIQUIDATE UNUSED INVENTORY: Many businesses possess inventories and items that are of no use to the business. Whether it is surplus goods, equipment, or property, Bartercard’s vast network of members may have an immediate need for what you don’t need. By offering these items for sale on Bartercard, you will not only free up space for needed inventory, you will also instantly earn trade dollars which you can spend with any of our members.
  5. PROMOTE NEW PRODUCTS AND SERVICES:  Marketing and Advertising are sadly the last expenses taken on by business owners.  As vital as it is to get your name out there, it is equally expensive to do it effectively.  When you are a member of the Bartercard network, you have an instant clientele of thousands of business who may be looking for your products and services.  Likewise, if you are looking to promote a new line of products of services, Bartercard can be a great launching mechanism for promoting them.

Cash is always going to be “King”, and Bartercard embraces this core business value by assisting you to save cash in your business. When your business has spare capacity that otherwise would go unused, Bartercard provides an exceptional mechanism by which spare capacity can be monetized. Realizing profits by using only the spare capacity of your business could be just the boost your business needs to soar into this new year.

Entertainment guide gives big boost to Bartercard bottom line

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GLOBAL trade exchange business BPS Technology has delivered a 58 per cent increase in net profit following its “game-changing” acquisition of restaurant and activity guide Entertainment Publications.

The Southport-based business lifted half-year revenue by 123 per cent to $55.9 million compared to the previous period and net profit rose almost 60 per cent to $5.56 million.

The addition of the guide, bought for $33.7 million in August, provided a significant $32.75 million boost to half-year revenue.

The figure surpassed its Bartercard arm’s revenue of $23.16 million, although pretax earnings of $6.8 million for Bartercard were higher than Entertainment Publications’ $2.95 million.

The company said it expects the guide to generate higher cash flow in the 2017 second half as most receipts were generated between April and July through the guide’s network of 18,000 not-for-profit groups.

Chief executive Trevor Dietz said the company is progressing well in growing its digital reach and integrating Entertainment Publications.

“The performance of the company has been solid,” he said.

“It has met expectations. We have beaten guidance, improved dividend returns and we expect to meet guidance for the full year.”

Mr Dietz said purchase of Entertainment Publications is a “game-changer” and BPS is focused on expanding digital subscriptions.

“The mobile app has gone from 25 per cent penetration to 30 per cent in the past six months,” he said.
“We hope to achieve 35 per cent penetration by the end of the financial year.”

Mr Dietz said the highest levels of penetration are in Brisbane and Sydney due to the larger number of deals offered in those markets.

Other highlights from half-year results include the BPS partnership with small-business finance provider Get Capital.

“We are responding to demands made to us by our members,” Mr Dietz said.

“We understand there is a desperate need for short-term finance. Banks are not addressing this.”

In the US, Bartercard has increased its franchises from 10 to 20 and lifted revenue by 89 per cent to $859,000.

“We have grown the number of franchises in a short period. It is a good indication that the market remains strong.” Mr Dietz said.

Bartercard also has sold a software license to enable the launch of Bartercard France, acquired two Bartercard franchisees in Australia, and enlarged its global footprint to 95 branches.

Mr Dietz said the value of its property listings worldwide rose to $150 million.

Also, it has signed a deal with online retail firm SmartTrans Holdings, a partner of China online giant Alibaba, to gain preferential access to China for Australian members.

BPS reaffirmed full-year guidance for net profit of $10.6 million and revenue of $109.1 million.

It declared a fully-franked interim dividend of 2.25¢.

Shares closed 4¢ or 4.34 per cent higher at 96¢.

Source: Gold Coast Bulletin
Date: February 22, 2017

Three Ways Strong Leaders Solve Problems Before They Happen

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No matter how well we prepare in business, problems happen.  Whether they stem from within the structure of your business, or they come from an outside force, there are ways to act preemptively in an effort to mitigate the impact.

  1. Know your Environment:  If you are in a seasonally-reliant business, be prepared for slow months before they sneak upon you.  Likewise, be prepared for the rigors of very busy months by having adequately trained staff in place prior to the sudden influx of business.  If you’re in the tax preparation business, don’t wait until January to prepare your staff for the busy season.  Even if you are not in a truly “seasonal” business, there are always times that are busier than others.  Being aware of these unique factors in advance will help you better prepare to serve your customers, avoid problems with service delivery, and ultimately improve your bottom line.
  1. Empower your Staff:  Strong leaders need not only prepare their staff members with adequate training and supervision.  The cornerstone of effective leadership is “Empowerment”.  Equipping your staff with core business knowledge is certainly a key component, but empowering your staff to deal with issues on the spot is an exceptional way to avoid long-standing problems.  Perhaps you own a service-based business and one of your employees could have handled a basic issue “on the spot”, yet lacked the authority to make the decision.  Even a short delay in decision making can make the customer lose confidence entirely.  Empowering your staff to make sensible decisions will not only avoid the problem from escalating, it will also improve employee morale and the overall delivery of customer service…..both of which will lead to less problems.
  1. Plan before Implementing:  Often problems arise from the implementation of new systems and policies.  In food service, problems can arise from the simple introduction of a new menu item.  Many businesses overhaul computer systems without adequate preparation.  No matter what is being introduced or updated, an effective leader should always plan thoroughly prior to implementing anything new.  Make sure everyone on your staff is privy to the details of any new business plan.  With proper planning, testing, and overall logistical review, a strong leader can avoid any problems from arising by simply planning before implementing.

Celebrating 26 Years

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Celebrating 26 years of saving businesses over $4.4 Billion dollars! Bartercard continues to grow and evolve as the most trusted and well respected trade exchange. Connecting business and connecting people through the inspiring business 2 business platform.