How to Revive Your Business with Bartercard

February 22nd, 2017 Posted by Bartercard, Smart business tips No Comment yet

There’s always room for improvement, and smart business owners embrace this value by constantly examining how to improve profitability.  For most business owners, simple adjustments can be the difference between success and failure.  For business owners looking for ways to revive their profitability, Bartercard has solutions.

  1. YOU’VE GOT SPARE CAPACITY…..WE’VE GOT CUSTOMERS FOR YOU.  Perhaps you own a restaurant with a booming dinner crowd, but a slow lunch clientele.  Bartercard will market your establishment among its business members, bringing in new customers who will pay you in trade dollars.  Think of it as money in your “trade bank”.  These customers will not take away from your cash paying customers because they are dining at a time when you otherwise would be looking at empty tables.  The amount of trade dollars generated from these customers can then be used to pay for expenses that you otherwise would have spent cash on.
    Regardless of what services or products you are providing, if you are providing quality, Bartercard customers will patron your business. If a Bartercard member has a great lunch using trade dollars, the potential of him referring others to your business is greater. Every time a Bartercard member does business with you on trade, it is an opportunity to gain additional cash referral business.
  3. TURN YOUR UNCOLLECTED DEBTS INTO DOLLARS: Perhaps you are an attorney or accountant who has a list of former business clients with outstanding balances. By encouraging these businesses to join the Bartercard network, you can settle their debts that otherwise would stay in an uncollected status. With Bartercard, you can revive your long-standing accounts receivables and get them off your books once and for all.
  4. LIQUIDATE UNUSED INVENTORY: Many businesses possess inventories and items that are of no use to the business. Whether it is surplus goods, equipment, or property, Bartercard’s vast network of members may have an immediate need for what you don’t need. By offering these items for sale on Bartercard, you will not only free up space for needed inventory, you will also instantly earn trade dollars which you can spend with any of our members.
  5. PROMOTE NEW PRODUCTS AND SERVICES:  Marketing and Advertising are sadly the last expenses taken on by business owners.  As vital as it is to get your name out there, it is equally expensive to do it effectively.  When you are a member of the Bartercard network, you have an instant clientele of thousands of business who may be looking for your products and services.  Likewise, if you are looking to promote a new line of products of services, Bartercard can be a great launching mechanism for promoting them.

Cash is always going to be “King”, and Bartercard embraces this core business value by assisting you to save cash in your business. When your business has spare capacity that otherwise would go unused, Bartercard provides an exceptional mechanism by which spare capacity can be monetized. Realizing profits by using only the spare capacity of your business could be just the boost your business needs to soar into this new year.

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