Member Referral Program

Is there a business you would like to see on Bartercard? Let us know.

It should be becoming obvious by now, that the more quality businesses that become members of Bartercard, the better it is for all existing members. Simply stated, each new business that joins provides new opportunities for all members. As a result, we not only invite you to encourage a fellow business to join your company as a new member of Bartercard, we will reward you handsomely for doing so.

For each successful referral, you will earn:



This business is an existing supplier to my business

Bartercard Referral Program Terms & Conditions

All leads converted will be paid under the following structure.

  • The first member to submit a lead that is converted* will qualify for the incentive, and leads will remain live for 90 days from the date of the confirmation email. If the lead is subsequently submitted by another member after the 90 day period has expired and it is converted*, the subsequent lead will qualify for the incentive.
  • Bartercard USA accepts no liability for failure to convert* a lead that results in a loss of payment to a member.
  • To qualify for the incentive, leads must be submitted via the online referral webpage or through a member’s personal Trade Broker prior to contact by a Bartercard USA Appointment Maker or Business Development Consultant.
  • All incentive payments will be paid on the 15th of the month following the completion of the new members pack.
  • Bartercard USA will generate a buyer-created invoice to facilitate payment of the incentive.
  • Participants must be current active members of the Bartercard USA trading program to participate in the Bartercard Referral Program.
  • Additional businesses of the current member are not eligible for payment under the Bartercard Referral Program.
  • Bartercard reserves the right to withdraw this policy at anytime and without notice.

* Leads are considered converted once the completed new members kit receipt has been received by Bartercard and entered into the Bartercard database.


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