New Year Resolutions for Small Business Success

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This week we have the tips and tactics to stay on top and keep success on lock down in 2018.

Wrap your head around the figures
Crunching figures is a favorite past time of few, but if you know where you stand financially, you can clearly plan ahead. When it comes to traffic and followers, Google analytics and your social media stats are a good place to start. See where your customers are coming from, who they are, what they are buying, and when. It’s as simple as looking at what’s working and repeat.

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Get social
If you are not on social media, then you are missing a big slice of your market. Take a strategic approach to posting at least once a day and map out content that appeals. Investing in digital marketing services (available through Bartercard) can boost results.

Invest time in creating video
According to Forbes, more than 80% of business executives are watching more online video today than a year ago. 75% watch videos on business-related websites at least weekly and 65% have visited a brand’s website after watching a video. Video is so much more dynamic than still photos – as a tip include subtitles to still reach viewers watching on silent.

Get Slack…and other cool tools
Spend an hour researching and setting up apps to streamline your business. Collaborative tools like Slack are replacing email for internal communication. Check out Streamtime for Project Management or Infusionsoft for sales and email marketing. Implementing automation tools will simplify your business, keep important tasks from falling through the cracks, and put the focus on growth.

Conserve cash with Bartercard
Bartercard is a tool to keep costs down in business every day by sourcing essential products and services without the use of cash. If you are in a position to take on extra business, then Bartercard can put you in front of new clients. Combining modern technology, Bartercard has the tools to conduct 24/7 transactions anytime, anywhere.

PR and market your brand
Local media is always on the lookout for fresh and relevant stories. Research journalists covering your industry to see where you can contribute in a way they cover. If you are advertising in a publication, check if you can get complimentary column space.

Refresh your digital assets
When was the last time you reviewed your website? Ask a co-worker or colleague to test out the user experience and report back. Does it make sense? Is it easy to navigate? Is it mobile friendly as that’s where most people will find you? If you have a shop, ensure it’s easy to transact.

Set aside time to learn and upskill to stay ahead of the curve – you might need more marketing know-how, insight to leverage your business or digital expertise.

Create compelling content
Every successful brand wants to be seen as an expert. Online courses, weekend workshops and New Year challenges flood our inbox. Consider how your content can stand apart and appeal to the market. This comes down to knowing your customers inside out.

Consider your sales approach
Look into the sales system of your business. Could it use a little attention? Is your team completely across how customers make decisions, what their buying signals are and how to work your sales strategy into this? Keep your sales approach fresh to continually stay ahead of the market.

Get Connected
You are surrounded by people with the skills, expertise and desire to help your business succeed. Find out where they gather then meet, connect and collaborate. The New Year is a great time to work collaboratively and create a positive outcome.

Start a conversation with millennials 
Millennials represent the largest segment of the buying population. They are smart, think and act differently, shop around and analyze down to the details. If you want to succeed in this market, get to know and understand them.

Get Giving
What charities, causes or local organizations mean something to you? Giving back is our basic responsibility but doing it strategically can build your brand further.  Choose a charity that aligns with your core values and lets you engage with your local community.



Article adapted from a Bartercard Australia blogpost.

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