Why You Should Take Time Out From Your Business

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Taking a break won’t be the death of your business – Jess Van Den


We understand, you’re starting to get going and your business is seeing success. With every day, a new challenge arises and you have customers relying on your products or services. As time goes on, we’re so eager to please that we forget to take days away and we end up working for weeks straight. If it hasn’t already happened, however, one day you’re going to get sick of your business and lose your passion.


Although you love what you do (you wouldn’t have started the business otherwise!), taking a break and days away might just be the factor that separates success from failure. No matter how much we love something, we need time away to recharge the batteries and regain our passion. Not only does this apply to our business, it applies to relationships with partners and family members, your favorite hobbies, book series’, restaurants, sports, and more. If something you love becomes too easily accessible, we soon grow tired.

Sadly, many businesses have failed because the owner wasn’t willing to trust others, or they were scared of losing customers, but this is no way to run a business. In life, we need a balance. As you can see from the quote at the top, taking a break WILL NOT be the death of your business. Instead, it has the following benefits;


Recharge the Batteries – Wouldn’t it be great to wake up knowing you have no responsibility for the day ahead? Sometimes, our brain needs this downtime to recover after weeks of working late nights and burning out. As you read, watch TV, go for a bike ride, spend time with family, or whatever you do, you’re doing things because you want to do them and not because you need to do them for your business.


Regain Your Focus – Have you ever stared at a problem for so long that even the question becomes confusing (let alone finding an answer!)? If so, this is because you’re too close and you’ve spent too much time with your brain in ‘overload’ mode. With even one day away from your business, you’ll be surprised at how different the same problem looks when you return. In fact, you might even come up with the solution on your day off when you’re not even thinking about work.


Make an Assessment – With time away from the day-to-day responsibilities, you can have a day or week of reflection; how far your business has come and where you’re going in the future. When you return, you’ll have a clear idea in your mind and all decisions will be made with this in mind.


Work/Life – Finally, we’re going to finish on a personal note because many relationships and families have been destroyed by overworking husbands and wives. When you take time away from your business, you find the work/life balance and this allows you to spend time with loved ones. Rather than making promises you can’t keep, you spend time with your family and friends. Out of everything we’ve discussed, this might just be the most important of all because our relationships are the most valuable things we have; everything else is material. With the right work/life balance, you can excel in both and leave your children with brilliant memories in addition to a successful business!

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